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How much does the funeral actually cost ?

Average Funeral Cost

The average funeral cost is between $7,000 and $10,000. It will depend on several factors. You may save or even go beyond the range. The type of grave you will prepare will determine the cost, among other additional charges. Some insurance service providers can cover the expenses. They will take into consideration several factors before they can compensate for the fees. Here is a breakdown of the average funeral cost:

Average funeral cost will Include :

Funeral directors services

You will have to pay about $1600 for the funeral director’s services. There are several documents you would have to get signed before you can start the funeral arrangement. You need to prepare for the charges at the office.

Cost of the casket

The cost of the casket will vary based on several factors. For example, you may like to have an expensive one which will cost more. Generally, the cost of the casket will be about $2,500, depending on the type of casket you would like to buy. You can go for an expensive one or additional features, and it will cost more.

Embalming cost

The embalming cost can be about $700. You need to compare the several service providers out there. Others can charge slightly high, while others can save you money in the process. Ensure you check on the different services providers out there, and it will be easy to locate the best.

Is the Funeral home services will increase the average funeral cost ?

The cost of using the funeral home for the actual burial day can be about $500. There are several services you may like to get to the funeral home, and it is better to budget for them. For example, you may prefer to have family members viewing the body, among other arrangements at the funeral home.

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Graveside cost

The graveside cost will require you to pay about $1500. Graveside managements vary. There are some places where you may end up paying more. In some places, you may as well save money. It is good to stay prepared in case you will have to incur additional costs. During the burial, you will tend to face financial challenges, but it is better to stay prepared.

Grave preparation

You will have to pay for the grace digging services. It will depend on the labor cost in your given graveside. On average, you will have to pay about $800 for the grave-digging services. You will quickly know the exact post after you engage the people who dig the grave. Some people will take into consideration the ground hardness, among other factors, to charge you.

Grave liner and headstone

To get the grave liner in place and install a headstone, you will have to part with about $3,000. The type of grave liner or out burial container you will get in place will attract different charges. You will as well have to choose from different headstone designs. They may attract additional charges.

It is good to take into consideration the different charges in your burial preparation so that you can budget accordingly. You will quickly get the most reliable estimate if you can involve experts in the preparation process.


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