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funeral directors in Egypt

funeral directors in Egypt

Anyone faces emergency event abroad like illness, death or accident , we have a tendency to here to speak regarding death in Egypt and that we give you some help services as a funeral directors in Egypt.

Death will present itself in anyplace and anytime , once your relatives face death in Egypt, you must contact Reda El-Areef for funeral services as funeral directors in Egypt .


funeral directors in Egypt’s have to be authorized by‏ :

– a relative

– Associate in the Nursing inhabitant of the house/official from the hospital

– A family attorney or the person creating the arrangements with the observances

funeral directors in Egypt will move now to do what ought to be done

  • Finishing all embassy papers and documents
  • End all procedures within the ministry of health.
  • Register a death document
  • End procedures for dead room and hospitals
  • Booking a flight and maintaining with the case till reaching home


Processes Reda El-Areef for funeral services of treating with the deceased


ceremonial occasion case management and finishing all papers associated with the case

Registering and translating death certificates and different documents

Preparing the international transport

Necessary arrangements to accommodate different cultures

Liaising with the collaborator on documents, procedures, and temporal order of return

Reservation flights, transportation to and from the airports. For any relatives or friends traveling with the deceased inside or outside

choosing coffins and caskets with all contemplate for the deceased religions and thoughts.

Charging the deceased personal properties


The day of the observance preparation


After all, previous observance arrangements it comes for the day of the observance; we all know we have a tendency toll, however onerous is that day, however, we have a tendency to area unit standing aside to make sure and support you with all services in each case (burial or cremation) and conjointly we facilitate by organizing that occasion in occasion’s place or edifice to provide all the funeral oratory words by taking into account too‏:

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Music for the occasion

A dressing of the deceased

‏• Presentation of the observance oratory

Transportation cars to and from the observance

observance flowers.

Videotape/DVD for the observance


General data about a funeral director in Egypt

In typically, return takes around 5-10 operating days, from the date the deceased is discharged by the native authorities

After receiving the authorization letter from the responsible side we start cathartic the desired documents and finish the needed procedures, then book a flight and create the shipping method then send the flight details to the deceased relatives.

We conjointly supply burial services as alternative choices besides return

Follow up the deceased until inward at the ultimate destination by our return Progress huntsman with a singular reference range.


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