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The Significance of International Repatriation & Funeral Service Companies

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Repatriation is a prevalent immigration process that’s carried out by many countries around the world and the general public. For starters who would like to know repatriation definition, repatriation refers to the process of returning someone or a dead body or a person back to his/her or its home country from a foreign country. This can either be voluntary or involuntary with most involuntary repatriations overseen by the government, which may use its own means or hire a company that offers international repatriation services to get the job done.


Repatriation definition in USA

According to statistics, the United States of America alone, which has been recording the highest numbers of repatriations over the years, in 2018, repatriated more than 256,000 individuals. It’s worth noting that these were only the repatriations conducted by the government, which had hired third-party services for 80% of these repatriations, as opposed to individual families. Individual households also recorded a significant number of repatriations, especially of the bodies of their kin, with 95% of the households having used international repatriation services such as us.

The Significance of International Repatriation and Funeral Service Companies

Companies that provide international repatriation and funeral services play a very important role in the society. Here are some of the ways in which our company provides immense value to families and households both locally and internationally:

  1. Logistics

One of the biggest obstacles to repatriating a corpse from a foreign country is logistics.  This can be a major challenge especially when the corpse has to be flown home from a place where there are airports that can only accommodate tiny planes as opposed to a standard sized jet. Some of those air crafts may not have doors for cargo compartments large enough to let through a coffin. That’s one key scenario in which we can come in quite handy as we have taken care of all possible logistics scenarios that may arise.

  1. Cost Saving

Using a repatriation and funeral services company can be a cost-effective way to repatriation your loved one to your desired destination. Using your own means can prove costlier especially when facing logistic and paperwork challenges. We’ve prepared adequately for potential challenges that may arise during the process and therefore we will not run into unexpected costs, saving you money.

  1. Taking the Stress Away from Your Shoulders

Repatriating a living person or a dead person can be a major headache. The process of obtaining the necessary paperwork can be painstakingly a hectic and time-consuming one, especially for nonprofessionals. With us, you do not need to worry about paperwork or anything of the sort, as we will handle that, taking the stress away from your shoulders.

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Final Thoughts in the repatriation definition

Repatriation services can be quite essential for families who have loved ones abroad. These services can benefit customers in many huge ways, including handling logistics issues, saving them money and saving them the stress that can come with carrying out repatriation. If you’re looking for a trustworthy international repatriation and funeral services company, we’re glad you found us!

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